Monday, June 26, 2017

My Planner Organization

I love my planner. My planner comes with me practically everywhere and I write almost everything in it. I am currently using a Kate Spade planner. Last year I used a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda and I loved it. I think I will go back to the Lilly planner this year because of the color.

My planner is super organized and I love to utilize it to the best of my ability. I use the Le Pen pens to color code my planner. Now that school is out I don't really write as much down but I still keep many things the same. I try to only use my Zebra Midliner highlighters because they are almost pastel colors so I can still clearly read what is under neath. I know the color code organization isn't for everyone, but i really like it and i find that it works really well to match my lifestyle.

These two photos are from the school year and how I used my planner. I think its funny that the two pages I happened to choose were from the first week of school, and the last.

I try to use sticky notes to make lists or notes. On weekends I may add a sticky note to list the many things that I have to do that weekend and detailed notes on when and how I should complete them. I also really try to make it as cute and fun as possible so most of the sticky notes that I use are either pink or blue so they match the other colors. I also will draw little pictures on important and exciting days, but I am not an artist so I know these little doodles are not great.

There is a front pocket in my planner. I love this for small handouts from school or other things that I do. I also store some extra post its in there.

There are a lot of parts to this planner that I don't utilize quite as much as I would like to. Towards the front of the planner there is a  year at a glance section that I haven't really used. There is also a special events for each month section that I don't really use. When I first got the planner I added my family members birthday and some close friends birthdays to it but I haven't really looked at it since.

I use a paper clip to mark where I am in my planner. I got a pack of really cute paper clips that are blue and white from home goods and I just love how it looks. I have used a binder clip before but I didn't really like the indents that it would leave on the paper. I also didn't like how it wouldn't close all the way.

I really love all things about this planner but I will be going back to the Lilly Planner in a size large. I think I am going to get the print Gypsea because of the light pink and blue colors. If I was comparing the Lilly Pulitzer planner and the Kate Spade, I would say Lilly wins by just a little bit.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you have any other tips or your favorite planner, please let me know. I am always on the hunt for new planners!