Monday, July 17, 2017

Etsy Finds

Hey guys,

I hope you are all having an amazing week. This morning I got bored and started browsing Etsy. Etsy is one of those websites where I sometimes forget about it, but I always love what they have. I have found a ton of things that I just love and I can't wait until I get back and can see if I can work these into my bedroom. 

I love my bedroom but it really lacks art. I think this prints are so cute and would be a perfect addition to my room. I love my dog (a lab) and that print just spoke to me! I also thought the A was cute. I really like gallery walls but I think they are really hard to do. I think those three prints will work well with a mirror and a few pictures I have. 

I learned that buying jewelry on Etsy can be difficult because I have had some experiences where I buy something and it breaks after a few days. Usually that is because it was pretty cheap and I should have expected that. For the price this one is (about $55) I think it should be decent quality, yet I won't be super sad if I misplace it.

The list is so cute. I have been super hesitant about getting this because I think that I could easily make one of these myself. However, after many hours of yelling at my computer I realize that spending the $20 on this is totally worth it. I love that it has water and meal trackers because it reminds me to drink water and makes me think about what I eat for a meal rather than eating small bits of unhealthy food. 

If you guys have any favorite Etsy shops please let me know! I love supporting small businesses and especially finding amazing things for reasonable prices!

Have an amazing day!