Monday, January 9, 2017

Skincare Favorites

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to share my skincare favorites. I take my skincare pretty seriously and have found a routine that has worked for me. I have really sensitive skin and can't put perfume on my neck due to how sensitive it is. About six months ago my grandma took me to origins and I got a mini facial in the store. I instantly fell in love with their products. Since then I have slowly grown my collection of their items (they are a bit pricey for a high schooler) and use them religiously.

I never had super horrible acne but I had at least a few zits each day for a while. Since I have been consistent with these products I haven't had a major zit in the past 2 months (hopefully this won't jinx that) and I couldn't be happier. My skin is a combination of extremely dry and extremely sensitive so finally finding all these projects is fantastic.

Cleanser   Moisturizer   Serum   Toner   Vaseline

The short version of my skin care routine starts like this, I cleanse in the morning and at night with my Origins face wash. After letting my face dry I apply my serum morning and night. After that soaks in I apply my moisturizer and let that sink in. For the final touch I add some vaseline to my lips. I use the toner about 2-3 times a week if my skin is feeling extra dirty.

Also, I am looking for a good eye cream for my under eye circles! Please let me know if you have any recommendations!

Hope you enjoy!